Although the internet officially exists since my own year of birth 1969, connecting ‘only’ two universities, it took until the nineties to be discovered by mass audience. Even then, it was still in its infancy and many of the things that are now common practice where not even imagined at the time.

My knowledge in those years was built from trial and error. In 2001, I started self employed building websites. In those days mainly manual work, by now facilitated by high quality free content management software I have been able to shift my focus to management, presentation, communication and promotion via search engines and social media.

Today, I’m based in France. Still self employed but now in cooperation with others in the same business. We work independent but closely together on different projects, complementing each other with different expertise.

It’s a combination of different elements that determine the success of any internet presence.

— Rolf Allard van Hagen @ Status301.net


All that is good in life is composed of several elements in a certain equilibrium. To find the right balance is not easy. You deserve help with that and Status301.net has put a nice balance of the basic elements in place to get you started.


“La terre est bleue comme une orange”

Paul Eluard (1895-1952)

Re-inventing the world every day. In what sign are your occupations, your passions, dreams and thoughts? In modern times it is of elementary importance to make this visible on the internet. Status301.net creates in close deliberation with you, just the site you desire.



A decade ago, under a different flag, I designed a website for Juda Groenteman, rabbi in Jerusalem. With this website the spiritual teacher wanted to unveil a world that for him had become a invaluable source of inspiration and wisdom.

Our exceptional cooperation resulted in http://bethhamidrash.org and has been an inducement to make an independent start under the name Daleth Web Productions.


“Reeds eeuwenlang voert de Nederlander eenen heldhaftigen stryd tegen het water”

Old Dutch roughly translates to 
"For centuries the Dutchman has 
battled valiantly against the 

Water has always been both friend and foe to The Netherlands. Many Dutchmen cannot live without the sea. Among those is Simon van Hagen who’s practically exclusively in his element when at sea. The eternal reflection of sky and clouds in the water, the calm and the fierceness of the sea confront man with his own minuteness, but at the same time challenge his inventiveness and creativity.


“To (make it) fly, you’ve got to let go…”


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