Skype Legacy Buttons

Skype Legacy Buttons

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Requires WordPress: 3.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.6.4
Downloads: 184585

Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars
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NOTICE: as of Mai 2015, Microsoft has officially dropped Skype’s Online Status service read more and consequently, this plugin will no longer be able to provide buttons that indicate online status. Only legacy Skype buttons that do not reflect the users online status remain available.

This WordPress plugin allows you to add one or multiple, customizable and accessible (!) Skype buttons to your site. You can pick any of the (still) available legacy Skype button themes and place them in your pages and posts content (with a neat little Skype button in the WYSIWYG editor), in your sidebar via widgets (unlimited number) or anywhere in your theme template files.

The Skype Buttons admin page and Skype Widget options are adequately annotated but there is also a Quick Guide section with lots of information on all the possible ways to get you blog Skyped. If you still cannot get it working the way you want to, find a Skype link to the developer on the Notes & Live Support section.


Since version, Skype Online Status is ready for internationalization. Anyone who wants to contribute can do so by making a transation. Read [translation instructions “Skype Online Status translation instructions” (also included in the latest package) for more info.

New translations and their Authors will be mentioned here.


Top donators making my continued work possible:


Latest version: Download Skype Legacy Buttons 3.0.3 [zip]
Downloaded 184585 times.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars with a total of 5 votes on »

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Skype Online Status button not working anymore?
As of Mai 15th, 2015, Microsoft has officially dropped Skype’s Online Status service. Consequently, all online status buttons stopped working but legacy Skype buttons that do not reflect the users online status are still available.

Go to your Settings > Skype Buttons (or Appearance > Widgets) and switch to any of the available preset themes to get a working Skype Button back.

I have found a bug. Where do I report it?
For bug reports, go to [WordPress Support » Skype Online Status “WordPress Support » Skype Online Status”) and describe what is happening there. Please provide as much related info as you can but at least give me your plugin and WordPress version number.
I have a feature request. Where do I ask?
For all ‘normal’ feature requests and suggestions go to [WordPress Support » Skype Online Status “WordPress Support » Skype Online Status”) but if you want custom development, please contact me directly from the Notes & Live Support section on the Skype Online Status options page or browse to my website [Status301 “”). I will gladly consider any proposal.
I have trouble setting up a Skype button on my blog. Where do I get help?
Have you read the Quick Guide section of your WordPress Options > Skype Status page, available after installation already? For all remaining questions, post them on [WordPress Support » Skype Online Status “WordPress Support » Skype Online Status”) or go for Live Support via Skype Chat to the Support section on the Skype Online Status Options page after installation. I will be happy to respond 🙂
I have installed the plugin, fiddled with the settings, added a widget/shortcode, there is no error message but I see no button!
This usually happens when the plugin cannot find a Skype ID to work with. You can set a different Skype ID for each widget but be sure to set a Skype ID on your Skype options page so the plugin as at least one to fall back on. If you still see no Skype button, reset all options using the Reset button or the Remove button to remove-uninstall-reinstall and start completely fresh.
I have installed the plugin and it is working fine, but now there is a ad link below my Skype button. What’s with that?
By default, the plugin displays a link below each Skype button that allows visitors without Skype to download it. This link goes via the plugin creators Skype Affiliate account so with each new Skype install there will be some small revenue for maintenance and support of this plugin. If you object to that, you can either disable the link, change is to a direct link or replace it with your own affiliate link on the Skype Online Status options page.
I would like to contribute. Is that possible?
Of cource! What did you have in mind? Monetary funding is always appreciated but if you can help me out in development, that’s cool too 🙂 Right now, translation (.mo) files are MORE then welcome! Read [translation instructions “Skype Online Status translation instructions” (also included in the latest package) for more info.

Any small donation via [PayPal “PayPal Donate”) to keep me developing is _VERY welcome. Thanks!

Read more on usage in the Quick Guide section of your WordPress Settings > Skype Buttons page, available after installation.

Commercial message:


  1. skype-online-status screenshot 1

    Set your basic fall-back and advanced options on the Skype options page.

  2. skype-online-status screenshot 2

    Activate a Skype widget and either set alternative options or leave blank and fall-back options will be used.

  3. skype-online-status screenshot 3

    Example of Skype button widget in sidebar.

25 thoughts on “Skype Legacy Buttons

  1. Ralf Neuhäuser

    are there no shortcode params (skype id, username) to override defaults on a single button generated by RTE-button-insert?


    1. RavanH Post author

      No, with the shortcode in post/page content you can only insert the default Skype button. I ‘ve been thinking about such a feature before but never had the time to implement it…

  2. bart

    Love it! Unfortunaltely it doens’t yet seem to work with the Skype andoid app. I think that is a problem with the app not this plugin

  3. bart

    Oh no i didn’t even try that. I meant that I am online on my andoid and that the status on my website said offline. However I now see it is online! Must have been some kind of delay. 🙂

  4. RavanH Post author

    Ok, I see… that is indeed either a delay in the Skype server or due to the cache of your browser… not directly related to Android in particular.

  5. john

    tried activing the plugin but got this error message: The plugin generated 367 characters of unexpected output during activation. If you notice “headers already sent” messages, problems with syndication feeds or other issues, try deactivating or removing this plugin.

    using 3.0.1

    1. RavanH Post author

      Did you get this error on the admin section or the front-end? And after that error, did the plugin work or not? Or was the whole site inaccessible?

      I have not seen this happen before but I wonder if it is the heavy Atahualpa theme…

  6. Arnoud

    Hello mate, I got the error below straight after activating the plugin. The site is still accessible and things are working, but there seems to be some conflict so I’ve disabled the plugin again.
    Alvast bedankt voor je hulp

    “The plugin generated 399 characters of unexpected output during activation. If you notice “headers already sent” messages, problems with syndication feeds or other issues, try deactivating or removing this plugin.”

    1. RavanH Post author

      Ha Arnaud,

      Do you have access to error logs on the server or hosting account? If so, I’d be interested to know what errors are listed upon plugin activation. Else, could you switch the plugin on at a certain time, and place a skype button on a page somewhere so I can take a look at the front end of the site where this is happening?

      Oh, en op welke PHP versie draait de site?


  7. Alyx

    hi, I just downloaded the plugin, and everything seems fine, just that when I hover the mouse over the ‘my status’ icon, this shows up: call me! ‘username’: my status is error.

    How do I get rid of ‘my status is error’?

    Thank you!

    1. RavanH Post author

      The hover text output is dynamically created for accessibility. The part ‘username’ should not be like that. It should display your screen name as you have filled it out in the Skype settings. The status ‘error’ might indicate an issue with reading the remote Skype status server. Do you have a link for me so I can take a look?

      If you really want to, you can completely remove any hover text by removing the corresponding tags in the template (choose Custom… and edit it in the Advanced section) but as an alternative, you can choose to clear all Status fields that contain texts (like “error”) that you do not want to be showing.

  8. Joshua Pecson

    This Plugin is Great!! However, is there a way to make this plugin check also if I’m online in my mobile? What I mean, is currently if I’m logged in at my PC it will say that I’m online. But when I log out on my PC and Logged In on my mobile. It will still say I’m offline.

    1. Joshua Pecson

      My Bad, It’s just a matter of signing in and out on my mobile! and refreshing my page! 🙂 GREAT!! PLUGIN!!

  9. Fawn

    Hi I was wondering if there is a way for the buttons to work with skype ids that use to be microsoft live ids? It doesnt seem to work now. Thanks

    1. RavanH Post author

      And what does not work exactly? Do they always appear off-line? Make sure they have all checked the option “Privacy > Allow my status to be shown on the web.” in their Skype client…

      1. Fawn

        I just had to have everyone make a new skype id and it worked. So never mind on that issue. Is there a way so when you click on the status to skype with someone that the box that pops up that says hello skype buttons require…. the blue box can show up where you click or not show up at all and just open skype because right now if you scroll all the way to the bottom and click to skype with someone down there nothing happens because the box is still all the way on the top. Let me know if you have any questions.

  10. Pingback: Skype pluginaren lokalizazioa (EN>EU) | Silvia Ribés

  11. BartNKCMO

    I am having several issues with the free version in reference to 404 errors. Would like to see about getting this fixed so I can tst it our before purchasing pro version. I left a message on the WordPress site as to what was happening.

    1. RavanH

      Hi Bart, there is no Pro version of this plugin.

      Since Skype has been bought by Miscrosoft, lots of things are changing. And these changes are not be without consequence for this plugin. For example, the new Live users that have @hotmail in their Skype name, can not be dealt with by this plugin because Microsoft (knowingly?) blocks access to the old Skype online status server for request with “@hotmail” in the ID.

      There is no way around this issue as far as I know (or at least as far as Microsoft is willing to share) so I fear it will be the end of this plugin soon… One more example of M$ making life more difficult for everybody 🙁


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