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Nginx 1.8.0 “/usr/sbin/service: line 123: exec: reload: not found”

Recently, on one of our older servers, a Debian 6 installation, Nginx was upgraded to 1.8.0 from the dotdeb repos. The update went without any apparent errors, except one — easy to miss — message at the end:

/usr/sbin/service: line 123: exec: reload: not found

In fact, I had missed that and assumed all was fine but after a while the server went down and Nginx would not start again. At least, not after the usual nginx -t && service nginx reload

To my surprise, all other web services like php5-fpm, mysql etc. reloaded just fine with  service ... reload

A reboot did not start nginx either and service nginx start got a similar response:

/usr/sbin/service: line 123: exec: start: not found

Luckily, upon /etc/init.d/nginx start Nginx started correctly so I had my server running again. But I was not closer to finding the cause nor a solution.

Searching the web specifically for nginx 1.8 and debian 6 related issues did not reveal anything of interest. Only one question mentioning the issue in the comments on but it got no response.

I did find a bug report related to an entirely different service which mentioned the same error. And the solution there was to remove that service’s .conf file from /etc/init … so I looked in /etc/init and yes: there was an nginx.conf file there. And yes again: simply deleting it solved the problem!

502 Bad Gateway after upgrade to PHP 5.5.5 on Nginx server

Quick tip: If you’re getting 502 Bad Gateway errors after upgrading your Debian Wheezy Nginx server to PHP5-FPM 5.5.5 then check out your www.conf file. Look for these lines:

;listen.owner = www-data
; = www-data

Uncomment them by removing the ‘;’ in front of all these lines so it looks like:

listen.owner = www-data = www-data

Then load the new settings into PHP, which on my Nginx servers usually is done with:

service php5-fpm reload

WordPress 3.7 “Basie”

The Status 301 Network has just been upgraded successfully to the latest stable WordPress release: 3.7.1 “Basie”. Moreover, the admin theme MP6 has been added in preparation of the expected 3.8 release in December, providing a cleaner admin interface.

mp6 dashboard

Read more about new features in WordPress 3.7 “Basie” on the WordPress News blog.

WordPress platform upgrade

During the night from 14 to 15 june, an upgrade of the 4Visions WordPress platform is planned. Please be aware your 4Visions site will be unavailable around midnight for a short time.

The system will be upgraded to the latest version of WordPress which holds some performance improvements and new functions as can be seen on the video.

In preparation of the upgrade, a full backup of the platform will be made for restoration in case of contingency issues. After the upgrade, certain websites will be checked for inconsistencies. But it will not be possible to check every website, page or specific site functionality so if you run into any malfunctions after the upgrade, please let us know immediately.

Thank you for your understanding.During the night from 14 to 15 June, an upgrade of the 4Visions WordPress platform is planned.