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Hey There,
I have an feature, may you include it, so I don’t have to do it on my own 🙂

“[ ] E-Mail the Author whenever an Comment is written”.

I set up Antispam Bee, it catches the most of Comments, so all Comments will be displayed directly, I can’t use your Plugin, but if you add this Function, I can use this Plugin to three or four of my Blogs .) Because the Author can follow his own Post-Comments without doing anything.

Please contact me, what you mean to this.

Hi Oliver, do you not have that option on your Settings > Discussion (wp-admin/options-discussion.php) admin page?

I see… Although this plugin is designed for moderation notifications only, I’ll take your request in consideration. I cannot promise anything soon as I’m a bit short in time right now…

Ehm… well, yes and no. New comments (after plugin installation) on old post, yes. But not old/existing comments on old posts.

This plugin is not so much an extension as it is just an alteration of the WordPress behaviour by changing the default To address for comment moderation notifications. You could of course install the plugin and then log out and comment anonymously (to make the comments go into the moderation queue) with a text like “Hi dear author, please log in on our site to moderate your awaiting comments queue” on each posts that has old comments to be moderated… Just an idea 😉

Thanks for the quick reply. Still not working, though. I’ve tested many comments/posts and checked spam filters. Would other installed plugins affect how it works? We have Antispam Bee and Google Analytics installed as well.


I have “pages”, where I assign different authors to. On each of these pages, you get a comment field below.
Tried this plug-in, but it does not seems to solve the problem, that I want the assigned author to get the “approval email”.

Please help! Thanks!

Which WordPress version are you using? If it is below 3.1, you need to install plugin version 0.1 …

Hi Jan, I tested this in my own site but cannot reproduce the issue. Any other plugins running on the site that might interfere? Could you disable all other plugins and switch to the default Twenty Eleven theme for a minute and try again?

Hello, what about when using a plugin like “WP Comments Moderators” that adds moderator rigthts to selected subscribers and sends email notification about comments in the queue.. With your plugin enabled, this one doesn’t work anymore…

Hi Juha, it sounds like the two plugins are incompatible and light even use the same pluggable function. I would have to test this to be able to say more about it. Sadly, I do not have time right now to look into it.

I’m about to use some of your script to send emails to post authors once a day if the post is older than 90 days.

I’ll let you know how this works out! Thanks for the plugin!

Any chance you would create a version where it would notify a person for moderation based on category? I run a church site and I’d like one person to moderate comments to youth posts, another to moderate comments to missions posts, etc.

Hi Sims, I would have to create a completely different plugin for that and it might even have been done already. Have you searched for other plugins that allow more control over commenting, moderation and notification? Otherwise, the only option is to use my simple plugin (as it is now) and make the comment moderators the author of all posts in their respective category.

Hi Joe, yes it should still work. The plugin should still change the addressee of the moderation queue notifications. Do e-mails get sent to the main admin email address when the plugin is deactivated? If not, the problem lies elsewhere…

Thanks for great plugin.

I tried to translate the content email (“New comment on your post…”) into Vietnamese (my language) by editing the comment-moderation-to-author.php. But it did not change, the content was still in english even I disabled and enable the plugin again. How can I change the email content? I suggest an option for this, that would be great 🙂

Thanks in advance 🙂

P.s. I used WP 3.5.2 🙂

Hi phuongncn, this plugin does not use any new text strings. All translations can be found in the main WordPress translation database file…

Hi sudharshan, there is nothing that will appear on your dashboard or anywhere else. There are no options. The plugin only removes the website’s main e-mail (admin) address from the recipients list for comment moderation notifications.

Wordfence is now giving me a warning “The Plugin “Comment Moderation E-mail only to Author” appears to be abandoned… It was last updated 2 years 8 months ago. It may have compatibility problems with the current version of WordPress or unknown security issues.” Any chance there will be future updates to this plugin?

Hi Jen, the plugin should not cause any problems. I’ll do a simple update soon to the version compatibility and Wordfence should stop with that message 🙂

I use this plugin on several sites. I’m getting a message “the plugin appears to be abandoned” since the last update was over 2 yrs ago now in August 2019. Do you need to update it to work with WP 5.x, or just tweak the code to make it appear updated, or perchance has WP finally built-in this most excellent feature? Thank you so much!

Hi Lynn, thanks for letting me know 🙂 As far as I know WordPress still sends comment moderation messages to the main site email address but I’m not 100% sure… Can you confirm the old behavior when deactivating the plugin? If so, I’ll update the plugin on the org repository.

I think the comments now to to the post author (my clients), as I disabled this plugin, and have not received any comments as the site admin in General Settings. So I’ve now deleted it. Thank you for making it when WP didn’t have this feature.

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