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Hello, Brave New World!

Today, December 22nd 2012, the fist day of the new Mayan calendar, is truly a day to repeat the immortal first words of any WordPress installation: “Hello, World!”

Happy New Age, everybody!

Oh, and if you’re looking for a good resolution for the new age — or, if you’re sticking with the modern calendar: just for 2013 😉 — join me at Avaaz.

Sela Sue Smurfette?

Youtube videos with strange colours

Today, I started noticing strange colours in Youtube videos. But strangely, this did not occur on all videos. Continue reading

Your donations donated

A substantial part of the contributions I have received over the past year (2011) for my WordPress plugins Easy FancyBox, Skype Online Status and XML Sitemap Feed has just been donated to the Avaaz project Smuggle hope into Syria. While the UN is failing again, Avaaz has the only network that is both smuggling medical equipment and journalists in and images and information out of Syria.

In light of our common history, global awareness and ‘The Grand Scheme of Things,’ I view current developments in the Middle East to be of much greater importance than our Western financial concerns. So I ask you all to please consider joining me and many (at the point of writing this: almost 9 thousand) others in the support for the struggle for freedom of those that are facing the wrath of their own government army.


Better search with speech input?

Recently I stumbled upon a small article by Otto — well known in the WordPress world — talking about a currently still little known feature: Voice Search. He describes how adding just a little bit of code to the search input form field, will allow visitors using the Chrome browser will get the extra ability to fill the search field using voice commands via the computer’s microphone. Continue reading