Web Services

In one sentence: Status301.net manages your online presence. This can range from basic content management of an existing website to building a new online presence from the ground up.

To this end, I provide in cooperation with others, among the following internet services:

Website design and management
Design, publication and complete management of static or dynamic websites.
Electronic newsletter design and management
Design, publication and complete management of your e-newsletters and mailing lists.
Content Management Systems
Deployment, maintenance, integration of (or migration to) open source and proprietary systems to manage website content, newsletters and mailing lists.
Website hosting, domain registration and email
Suitable webhosting to fit your website, email or newsletter solution.

Website creation, functionality and content management

Any website starts with an idea. Every website is built out of three parts: content, look ‘n feel and functionality. The challenge lies in making these parts fit the original idea to the fullest.

Status301.net designs your website in close deliberation with you to ensure a look and feel that matches your original idea. Functionality, like a basic navigation menu and additions ranging from a simple interactive e-mail form to fully database driven virtual communities or webshops, will be provided through custom programming or ready made (open source or proprietary/commercial) packages. Finally, when it all works and looks good, content can be added. Status301.net can take care of the publication and complete management of content for static or dynamic websites.

Let us know your idea and Status301.net will tell you what you need to make it real it in the virtual world.

Want to know more?

For each wish there are many solutions. And each vision is unique. Simply contact us and tell us how you would like to start your online presence. You will get a full-hearted, no-nonsense and honest advise about your options.

One of which is a website quickly available on our WordPress Contend Management System. Take a look on the front – and back end of the demo website on the system. After that, just let us know if you would like to continue with us and how you would like to have your own website adapted to your needs:

  • your own domain name,
  • aid with or management of content,
  • redaction,
  • translations,
  • adaptation of – or a unique design or
  • additional functionality.

Status301.net aims to help you find your way through the internet jungle and come up with a solution that matches your desires to the fullest. Let yourself be inspired and guided in your flight into the virtual world.