Orange Confort+

Add the Orange Confort+ accessibility toolbar to your WordPress site.


Orange Confort+ aims to enhance user experience on websites. It works best when said websites are fully accessible.


  • Typography: font size, word-spacing, letter-spacing, line-height, font-face (Arial, Luciole, Open Sans, Open Dyslexic and Accessible DfA).
  • Layout: cancel layout, force left-aligned text, number list items, customize links appearance, display a reading mask.
  • Colors: modify foreground and background colors.
  • Behavior: direct access to main content on page load, automatic selection of page clickable elements with a user defined delay, page scrolling on simple user on hover.

NB: Orange Confort+ does not fix website accessibility issues: blocking points still stay blocking points, with or without Orange Confort+.

Privacy / GDPR

This plugin does not collect any user or visitor data. The Orange Confort+ accessibility toolbar sets two functional browser cookies, used for storing user selected accessibility options.

  • UCI42 – Stores user toolbar settings; set at page load; domain specific; expires after 1 year.
  • uci-bl – Stores toolbar on/off toggle; set when toolbar toggle is used; domain specific; session only.

Please update your GDPR/Cookie Consent solution to reflect this information. To prevent the UCI42 cookie being set before functional consent is given,


The Orange Confort+ accessibility toolbar.
The Orange Confort+ accessibility toolbar.
Orange Confort+ toolbar quick settings.
Enlarging characters, changing the fonts and the spacing in the text: useful for dyslexic users, users with vision problems, or simply subject to visual fatigue.
Orange Confort+ toolbar advanced settings.
Changing the layout, displaying a reading rule: mainly useful for visually impaired and cognitively impaired users who have difficulty identifying the information on the page, as well as motor disabled users who can’t use the mouse or those using keyboard navigation only.
Choosing a custom palette for the text color and page background.
Choosing a custom palette for the text color and page background.
Advanced behavior tools and options.
Advanced behavior tools and options.