Goodbye Blogroll, Hello Link Manager

After the upgrade to WordPress 3.5, and having gone all Oh! and Ah! over the new (but expected) media interface, I continued with a client site I had started before the upgrade. And coincidence or not, this client was the first one that had ever asked for a blogroll on his site! Real surprise to find that Blogroll (Links) has gone. I had not even noticed the discussion about it and was unaware of the fact that it had finally been decided to loose it. Or at least to not show it by default for new sites.

I cannot say I’ll miss it much as it can be easily replaced by a custom menu or even a text widget. Or, as most clients seem to want, a separate page. But this time, the client wanted to have his trusted Blogroll! Luckily, the Blogroll is not really gone, it’s just not visible for new sites.

Here’s how you can make it appear again:

add_filter( 'pre_option_link_manager_enabled', '__return_true' );

This code could go into a themes.php or in a plugin. And luckily, there is Andrew Nacin who was so kind as to create a plugin all ready to go: Link Manager. Lightweight, no options, easy. I like it! Thanks Andrew 🙂

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