Noam Chomsky in Amsterdam

Watch or listen to the lecture Contours of Global Order: Domination, Stability, Security in a Changing World and the rise of Xenophobia in the West by Noam Chomsky in the Westerkerk in Amsterdam on March 13th 2011. Subjects are the Arab uprisings, right wing populism, world order and much more.

This is a 13 part recording, including introduction and thanks. Please use the forward button after each part to skip to the next.

Opening Marcel van der Linden (2.9 MB)
Poem Ramsey Nasr (3.3 MB)
Introduction Marcel van der Linden (1.1 MB)
Chomsky Lecture Section 1 (17.2 MB)
Chomsky Lecture Section 2 (17.7 MB)
Chomsky Lecture Section 3 (17.5 MB)
Chomsky Lecture Section 4 (15.7 MB)
Call Out Jelle Bruinsma (6.0 MB)
Chomsky Q&A 1 – Arab World Uprisings (9.1 MB)
Chomsky Q&A 2 – Israel & Palestine (10.4 MB)
Chomsky Q&A 3 – Anarchism (4.8 MB)
Chomsky Q&A 4 – Right Wing Populism and Xenophobia (6.3 MB)
Conclusion and Thanks Marcel van der Linden (785.7 KB)

Thanks to: (Dutch, Internet Archive)
Internet Archive – Community Audio

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