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XML Sitemap & Google News plugin now fully WPML compatible

Many users have been asking for WPML compatibility but I had never come around to having a serious look into the matter, until one user, Hermes Andreu, kindly shared his patch. It was the final nudge I needed to get serious.

While basic WPML support was introduced in an alpha release in April this year, there remained issues that where difficult to tackle without the help from the WPML staff. They kindly provided me developer access to their latest version and patiently responded to my many questions.WPML compatible

So finally, after many weeks of tests, user feedback and help from WPML staff, I’m happy to announce the release of XML Sitemap & Google News feeds 4.7.3 with full WPML support!

… or at least as far as I’m aware. Please report any issues on Github, the WordPress.org forums or via the contact form.

CoolClock for WordPress

[coolclock align=right scale=logClock] CoolClock – The Javascript Analog Clock is now available as WordPress plugin. It features sidebar widgets and a post shortcode.

Read more on CoolClock for WordPress or the WordPress Extend page or search for ‘analog clock’ straight from your WordPress > Plugins > Add New installer admin page.

French translation for eShop 6.2.8

Working on a French webshop running on WordPress and eShop, I draw the conclusion that the French translation was not exactly op to date. Further more, some translations did not quite cover the meaning of the original text — or where downright confusing… Continue reading

WordPress plugin: WPMS Mobile Edition

It’s version 0.4 of my WPMS Mobile Edition plugin for WordPress already. This plugin is a rework from the GREAT Alex King’s plugin WordPress Mobile Edition which had not been updated for a while. The plugin is a real gem in that it is simple jet extremely effective but after so long it needed some updates: Continue reading

New shortcode handling and Windows7 support in Skype Online Status plugin

Version 2.8 of the Skype Online Status plugin for WordPress brings a few important new feaures:

  • new shortcode / quicktag
  • new skypeCheck.js script with Windows7 / IE8 compatibility
  • load skypeCheck.js script only when needed
  • new POT translation file
  • Live Support for contributors

Continue reading

Options for Easy FancyBox plugin after all

The WordPress plugin Easy FancyBox was created to fulfil some wishes:

  • Simplicity — Other Fancybox plugins come with complete lists of  options and overcomplicated settings.  Some of which don’t even work…
  • FancyBox 1.3.1 — Looking for de newest option to display the image title in an overlay, this turned out to be impossible with other plugins because they all use older versions of the FancyBox script.
  • Multi-site compatible — and finally the plugin had to be compatible with WPMU 2.9+ and WP3.0+ in Multi Site mode. Preferably also from within the /mu-plugins/ directory.

And soon the plugin was born… Continue reading